How to use Three Sticks Gotland sheepskin in your home

How to use Three Sticks Gotland sheepskin in your home

Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins are endlessly versatile and timelessly on-trend.

Walk into a homestore or leaf through an interior design magazine and you will see the many ways natural sheepskin can enhance and complete almost any interior space.

Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins are found in some beautiful homeware stores across New Zealand (check out my stockist list at the bottom of this page). Many of my customers are looking for particular colourings and add their names to my waiting list so I can hand select the perfect pelt before they even go to market.

It fills my heart with joy knowing that my sheepskins are treasured all around the world. I love hearing about and seeing the wonderful ways clever clients display the pelts in their homes.

Stuck for inspiration? Here are some ideas you might like to consider:

Kitchen or Dining Spaces – Create a luxurious feel by laying Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins across bench seats or chairs. They add an incredible texture visually and their wonderful softness brings a sensory experience to your dining table. We have many clients who buy a pelt for every dining chair at the table.

Bedrooms — Sheepskin has long been a classic styling feature for bedrooms. On hard floors they create a cosy, soft juxtaposition. Place one right next to your bed so the luxurious texture is the first thing you touch every morning, or drape one on the end of your bed to add style, texture and softness. They also make a lovely addition to a bedroom bench seat or occasional chair.

Floors — Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins are perfect to use as rugs because they can be both warm and naturally cooling. Put one in front of your favourite chair or sofa or under your desk to keep your feet cosy when working from home. The kids love to drag them out to lay on in front of the fire in winter – a super cosy sensation I encourage all adults to try!

Children’s Bedrooms or Nurseries — Our Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins are the perfect accessory to add softness and warmth to your little one’s room. They are great for when kids are playing on the floor, or you can hang one over a chair to make reading time together super-snuggly. They are safely sanitised, so they are perfect for babies to snuggle in to.

Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces — One of the favourite places my customers display and use Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins. Throw one over the back of a beautiful couch or chair to warm your back, lay it over the seat and snuggle into it, or feel the lusciousness underfoot.

Bathrooms — Okay, this may seem an odd choice, but Three Sticks Gotland Sheepskins are perfect in bathrooms. The natural suede backing prevents the pelt (and you) slipping or sliding and the wool absorbs moisture effectively. With a little brush and care they will stay in beautiful condition even in these highly functional environments where other materials struggle.

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